My great-grandparents

William Henry Pierce (1830-1902) and Jane Maltby (1829-1890)

Ancestors of William Pierce      Ancestors of Jane Maltby

Auguste Lion (1851-1911) and Silvie Acar (1856-1938)

Ancestors of Auguste Lion      Ancestors of Silvie Acar

Henry Gruesen (1858-1928) and Barbara Alt (1857-1933)

Ancestors of Henry Gruesen      Ancestors of Barb Alt
1853 Gruesen letter

Remi Belleperche (1858-1939) and Louisa Albachten (1854-1946)

Bio of Belleperche      Ancestors of Remi Belleperche
Bio of Albachten         Ancestors of Louise Albachten

As a result, I am 1/4 English (all early 17th century settlers of New England), 1/4 Belgian, 3/8 German (1848-1881 immigrants), and 1/8 French Canadian (all early 17th century settlers of Canada). The latest DNA test came up with Great Britain 67%, Germanic 24%, and France 9% which seems to be somewhat consistent with my research. In Ancestry's analysis, Belgium could be included in either Great Britain or Germany. I did always wonder about my Grandfather, 100% German, but he looked Italian.