Kim's Music/Slideshows

Each provides an MP3 audio version and a link to YouTube for a slide show with the music.

Promise Me You'll Go to Dingle   MP3 | YouTube

While riding in a taxi in rainy London, the driver suggested that we go to Dingle, which we had never heard of. For the next week, as we drove around the south part of England and Ireland in the rain, it was the joke between the four of us - that we should go to Dingle. Then, at a bed-and-breakfast, the owner casually mentioned Dingle, and we all laughed, but he explained that it was a better choice than the Ring of Kerry. So we went to Dingle. This song tells of our experience.

No Italian Music   MP3 | YouTube

We travelled around Italy by car with our two friends, Dave and Carol. At every pub, restaurant, and event it seemed that all we heard was American music. The climax was the annual parade in Amalfi, where the streets were barely wide enough for the huge floats, each with blaring loudspeakers as they wound their way from the top of the town down to the sea. Kim wrote this and performs it with Dave and Carol

In 2018 we again visited many of the same places and took Mike's sister Barb, still not hearing much Italian music (except one memorable evening). Here is a slide show on YouTube. Muisic courtesy of our friend Kraig Greff.

The World is Full of Christmas Trees   MP3 | YouTube

While driving out of Washington, DC one day shortly after Christmas, we passed an empty lot where Christmas trees had been sold, but it was piled high with unsold trees, destined to not fill their destiny of decorating someone's living room to the squeal of little children. Kim was moved to write this song about various types of trees, including the "highway tree" that our friends find by the roadside each year.

The National Road   MP3 | YouTube

Kim and I have always been interested in history. So we took a special trip to follow the Old National Road from Baltimore to St Louis, the predecessor to Route 40, which came before I-70. In many places, we found the original track, where the WWI-era brick-lined surface went into the underbrush or disappeared into an embankment or river.

Flat Stanley   MP3 | YouTube

Back in the spring of 2010 our niece Lexi gave us a wonderful opportunity - to show Flat Stanley around our world for a whole month. We had a great time. At the end of that month, Lexi, her friend Jelist, and I helped Kim to record that experience.

Give Me Ballet   MP3 | YouTube

Kim has always enjoyed dancing, especially ballet. She wrote this song to honor her ballet teacher of many years. I had the privilege of seeing her teacher's 50th annual dance recital some years ago, after which she retired from the work of putting on such a wonderful performance, although she continued to teach for many more years.

Pacific Northwest   MP3 | YouTube

Back in 1982, Kim took a trip to the Pacific Northwest with a good friend. This song, all 8 minutes of it, tells of their adventures.

In 2018, we reprised the trip along with a stop in Minnesota. Here is a slide show on YouTube. Music courtesy of our friend Kraig Greff.

Les Petits Chats   YouTube

Kim wrote this song to honor the many cats that spend much of their lives in shelters rather than in a home with their own people to rule over. Every Thursday, Kim volunteers at the local cat house. Many thanks to Shirley for corralling and coaxing some of these little guys at Animal Rescue, Inc. for the camera.

A Visit to Hickory Hills Vineyard   MP3 | YouTube

Some years ago, Kim played a couple of gigs at this winery with her two friends, who make up The Back Porch Players. That's them sitting on the front porch. It is near Smith Mountain Lake and the Blue Ridge Parkway. I went along for the ride.

Solar Eclipse, Aug 2017 YouTube

For the August 21, 2017 total eclipse, we went to North Carolina, then drove into South Carolina with family, paddled out to an island where we watched what amounted to about 95% eclipse.

Benelux, Sept 2017 YouTube

On this trip, we started in Amsterdam, then drove around Belgium, Luxemburg, and Netherlands. In some cases, we drove in circles. Music courtesy of Regent Leclerc, Intime

Maritime Provinces, Aug 2019 YouTube

Since we had previously visited the Pacific Northwest part of Canada, the central part (Winnipeg), and the eastern (Quebec/Montreal), we decided this time to visit the Maritime Provinces of Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick, and Cape Breton. Music courtesy of Hayley Ryerson.

Albania, Sept 2019 YouTube

After visiting the Albanian Embassy the past 3 years for the open house in early May, and wanting a place to visit not overrun with American tourists, we decided to go to Albania, a country that has only been out from under Communism for 27 years. This is a slideshow of what we found, accompanied by music courtesy of the Albanian band Skanderband.
And an extra piece on gas stations and car washes.